Docking / Tailing Chute (Vetmarker)

Daily Hire Rate: $160 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

Weekly Hire Rate: $800 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

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Docking lambs is quick and easy with the award-winning Vetmarker! This is one of those tools that can revolutionise the docking and tailing process – making your life so much easier!

The Vetmarker® is a docking/tailing chute/cradle that puts lambs on their feet when they are released, stopping the risk of injury to either the lamb or operator. Whether you have a lot or just a few lambs to dock the Vetmarker will make your life considerably easier.  Lambs are loaded into the Vetmarker® where ear-marking, docking, vaccinating, castration and drenching can be done with ease from either side of the machine. The straight rollers, in a deep V configuration help keep the lambs relaxed and also prevent the lambs from getting their legs stuck or escaping making it safer for both lambs and operators.  Try this genius piece of equipment and you will never go back to docking lambs the old way.

See the Vetmarker in action here –

Used for:

  • Ear marking lambs
  • Ear tagging lambs
  • Castrating lambs
  • Vaccinating lambs
  • Drenching lambs
  • Scabine vaccinations
  • Tailing lambs
  • Spraying lambs for flystrike


  • Less stress on the lamb
  • Height adjustable
  • Two people can carry the Vetmarker® with ease.
  • The Vetmarker® allows for various lamb sizes.
  • Easy access for docking and tailing procedures
  • Straight spring loaded rollers.
  • Lambs land on their feet and walk away.

Delivery Vehicle Requirements: Ute or Vehicle & Trailer.