Chain Strainers

Daily Hire Rate: $25 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

Weekly Hire Rate: $120 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

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Strainrite Standard Chain Strainer for straining wire fences.

  • Smooth Grip Jaws provides effective grip on both zinc and aluminium fencing wire.
  • Large one piece, 1″ diameter handle which is easy on hands

Strainrite Chain Strainers are a proven design with hard wearing features that are built tough to last. The smooth grip jaws hold all common sizes of fence wire while minimising wire damage. The claws and grips are a heat treated Spheroidal Graphite cast iron, making them durable for a long service life. The rugged steel handles are gold passivated for protection. Also includes a gold passivated standard tested chain with swivel and heavy duty rivets.

Click here to see a video of the Strainrite Chain Strainer in action.

Pick-up or delivery vehicle requirements:  Any