Bar Wire Strainer

Daily Hire Rate: $10 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

Weekly Hire Rate: $50 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

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These can be like another pair of hands when fencing.  The wire is clamped in the jaw of the unit head and the concave head is put behind the post.  Lean on the bar and the leverage tightens up your wire (or wire netting) easily leaving both your hands freeto hammer, attach, ties, operate a staple gun etc.

  • Quickly and easily tensions either fencing or netting wire around strainer posts.
  • User friendly design allows free hands to easily tie off or staple wire.
  • Multi-fit wire clamp easily fits common fence wire sizes.
  • Smooth Grip wire clamp prevents wire damage.
  • Grips wire both sides of head enabling right or left hand use.
  • Work great on both smooth or barbed wire.

Pick-up or delivery vehicle requirements:  Any