Fence Stripper / Dismantling Tool (Strip-It Staple Remover)

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Weekly Hire Rate: $120 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

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This is one of those genius tools that makes the job of striping or dismantling a wire fence or a wire netting fence a 100 times easier and faster!  I would prefer to use this tool over a set of good fencing pliers (even the ezepull pliers) any day of the week.

The ‘Strip-It’ has a hook section on either side of the tool that hooks over the fence wire and a base plate that sits against the post or the batten.  Then with a pull-down of the handle it grips the wire and pops out the staple.  It works well on both tight and loose wires.

Click here for a video on the ‘Strip-It’ in action.

Pick-up or delivery vehicle requirements:  Any