Portable Electric Mobile Shearer (Handypiece)

Daily Hire Rate: $85 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

Weekly Hire Rate: $435 plus GST (includes limited damage waiver)

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Do you have just a few sheep that need to be crutched, dagged or shorn or some cow tails that need to be clipped?  This is the perfect tool for the job!  It has been specifically designed for using with a race or a set of yards.  It will allow you to get through to your next shearing date while avoiding your sheep struggling with flies.  The versatile Handypiece is used by farmers and lifestyle block owners both big and small. Portable and easily-charged, you will be surprised how effective this tool really is.

Handypiece is built to last and take the knocks.  It is moulded from steel and aluminium.  It has a sealed, direct drive motor that can’t be clogged or fouled by dust, dirt or mud.  It tough switch box can be clipped to your belt and features an auto reset fuse for overload or lock-ups.  All you need to do is switch off the power and clear the issue and then resume your work.

Handypiece operates on a 10.5 Ah lithium polymer batter.  Depending on how hard the Handypiece is working, it will crutch between 200-300 sheep on a single charge.  We know from personal experience as we have used it for serious shearing sessions when our core shearing machines have broken down!  The Handypiece has minimal heat build-up (unlike traditional electric sheep clippers) and so doesn’t get hot in the hand.

A well designed switch box clips to the users leather belt and enables the user easy access to the ON/OFF swtich, a speed adjustment knob and a resettable fuse.

Delivery Vehicle Requirements: Any